Karl-Erik Tallmo,
writer, artist

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Concrete poetry etc.

(* = Swedish)

 cuddle up
 sill sill*
 sicken sill*
 you can call me good
 in principio*
 clatter mailed this morning
 sloppy Boswell-Tommie
 not so sloppy Boswell
 Äppelministeriet 2*
 Svin i ollvoåndsak omgål ok såra mål*
 Inta positioner*
 they speak their noise beautiful
 sloppy made-up Boswell
 black flirty, because
 pommes pennyeach
 my sore kono!
 ears faint outside
 been time this flag
 Radio Woodmen
 good morning
 Read Me
 is man in wires
 I would recommend this sentence
 Mars' chiasma
 of what happened
 intellectual property in the classroom
 the goo of railings
 recombination shield
 strikes birds in August
 switched on
 fuel held rare
 song of use
 basic world rhyme
 Copyright infringement I:1
 Copyright infringement I:2
 Copyright infringement I:3
 Copyright infringement I:4
 Copyright infringement II:2
 Copyright infringement II:3
 Copyright infringement II:4
 Copyright infringement II:5
 thus with lies
 Dibum de Gmèw
 walk my wrath
 untimely doings
 among angel angry
 Strndbrg II
 The Dachshund Review
 Tallmo Darkly
 random purely speaks
 Writing Week
 cage as cage can
 penned cousins
 sir snooze arrives
 some ado
 spilling the beans
 problem economic democratic I
 problem economic democratic II
 problem economic democratic III
 snow deep have jump
 Analysis of a poem
 absolute writing
 alapea plauro
 girl pump poor lead oven pipe with free kick boot
 crux a-sow crux (for one voice) no 1
 crux a-sow crux (for two voices) no 2
 crux a-sow crux (for two voices) no 3
 crux a-sow crux (for two voices) no 4
 do me
 short clamour years
 pop so does be up
 Solch laute Zeitstraße
 The idiot of morning of morning of heath
 Installation de vacarme
 abandon does some
 Nuknok Dictionary
 broadside err-CB3
 Down Current Sing-along
 You must never try
 Notes from a small café
 Poetry is still pretty
 Promotion is over
 Entertainment in progress
 Dim plum
 Our American reflection
 Maria or me Innis
 Dennis across Ninth street
 what the hare told us
 The Poesy Parenchyma
 The Caressing Palace
 The 6 and 3 Position
 LATE nervous WORK