Promotion is over      Promotion is hard words. Promotion is never an apology. Promotion is the sorriest act. Promotion is noble and nice. Promotion is consolation for a generation. Promotion is as promotion does. Promotion is the highest act of selfishness and needed in every home. Promotion is the bittersweet biography of a plutonium expert. Promotion is another day. Promotion is back and improved, and promotion is covert. Promotion is the scarriest word I have ever heard and yet I am in promotion, it is my business to beat the heart and shit out of people regardless. Promotion is a little Japanese guy in an even smaller business suit. Promotion is memory resident and connected to the following things: fear, shame, sound. Promotion is motion and used in students' summer work. Promotion is often overlooked. Promotion is designed to generate attention. Promotion is necessary, underrated and valid till December 31. Promotion is better than disease prevention. Promotion is state of the art and free underway. Promotion is not just a problem in schools. Promotion is building up in your back yard. Promotion is back. Promotion is available for enrollment in relations concerning men and women over 40. Promotion is the super hero of legal residents. Promotion is priority. Promotion is here to ensure. Promotion is big. Promotion is passion. Promotion is a database of human resources, a stealth technology that we'll use in order to find higher links. Promotion is the process of supporting people to increase control over the factors that influence their health and quality of life. Promotion is marble. Fake is over. Regret is a literary condition. Rural roots closing down their tech support is crazy. Is it possibly over? Over is fucked hard by a guy with a big ummm. Over is a last resort but regret is hearsay. Sheldon Richmond is improving. A senior economist in the development research group is improving. Your favorite wrestler would like his rigidity supervised. Rigidity is over is often less spontaneous is in da house is often added like an answer to a prayer. Promotion is over. Sorry. Over is just one of many simple verbal first aid concepts that can work miracles by triggering the body's natural healing mechanisms. Over is 13th street. Over is high. Is the state table-sharing between firewalls? Is a lifelike newborn doll used to educate young people about the realities of parenting? Is wearing a seatbelt wearing a seatbelt? Promotion is over. Sorry. A brilliant book is over. An androsterone guy with big pheromone Puerto Rican girl sits on the recording industry and spins over in dog pose, repelling waste and environmental destruction of limitless military adventures and expenditures. Sorry, promotion is over. [031126]

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