basic world rhyme camera bulb comb thumb liquid field old cold hand land island sand loud cloud be peace face place space ice office voice rice price distance science force produce shade blade spade trade take awake like smoke scale male female possible trouble circle muscle middle needle angle while simple apple whistle kettle little bottle rule shame crime time come some mine wine bone stone shoe toe pipe hope slope care square here teaching thing stocking feeling boiling learning morning ring hearing spring writing living watch stretch stitch much touch such high laugh fish foolish polish push brush crush bath death breath with month cloth smooth tooth earth birth north mouth south growth I back black crack attack neck thick kick brick trick stick quick shock lock clock sock week chalk talk walk work medical chemical political material animal normal general metal hospital equal approval all ball fall small tall wall bell smell well ill till still will roll full pull than man woman sudden garden green between then when broken linen open even oven sign design again chain pain brain drain on decision division expansion discussion relation nation reaction attraction selection connection direction fiction destruction addition condition position attention invention suggestion digestion question common moon spoon iron son prison person cotton button horn burn, gun run sun down brown town do go, who no so to deep sheep keep sleep slip grip help stamp jump pump drop top stop sharp up cup star war number under thunder order powder offer manager danger finger feather leather father other mother brother hammer summer owner paper copper water after daughter winter porter sister letter bitter butter ever river silver quiet ticket pocket bucket market basket secret lift soft straight weight fight light flight night right bright tight thought bit credit profit limit unit fruit salt plant important servant bent dependent violent ornament advertisement statement punishment government argument you law view new screw cow window how low blow yellow slow sex day yesterday play may say way by baby ready body key monkey money journey grey healthy sticky sky early army company necessary military cry angry memory (Strictly from C.K. Ogden's 850-word vocabulary of "basic English", sorted alphabetically as a so-called reversed dictionary, where words are sorted by the last letter, the last but one letter etc, thus forming a sort of rhyming dictionary or a suffix ordered word-list. Some editing has also been done, 498 words have been deleted from the full list of 850, but the order of the remaining words has not been altered.) [030326]

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