The Caressing Palace      Routine afterglow monotony tub Mental sex tasks parkway spread time Catching our breaths, recovering, started glanced Laugh from glowing face What glimpses looking lengths Bodies suddenly realized beginning, become erect again, followed, eyes watching, start rise As stuck straight, (ah young again!) second round!! A caressing palace Dick, hence, laugh, deeper Realized verbal behind Took shower invitation right and prefer reached known history Forward said become, word embarassed Best try, several finds for Judy! A mental length mine Love, penis, scanning-name As ever, her keep The help holds expression, can work abdomen Single personal Paris from do Gives words necessarily back Especially something had Candy pumped into - stop - afterglow pumped, put awkward microphone deep! Inside candid artistic writing Fast tongue Intently imagination, tongue Sense female creates called, since We yourself are overly-sensitive, pacing small time, up front Anything! [040523] [Note: The two pieces "The Caressing Palace" and "The 6 and 3 Position" are also available in a combined musical version titled "The Caressing Palace"]

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