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CD released in 2008, "Molly B. Whips It Out", text/sound compositions with synthesized speech (19 tracks, 73 minutes).

Sample tracks and additional info here ...

"Campanology", a CD-R disc with compositions inspired by bell-ringing. Burn-on-demand CD-R.

From the forthcoming collection CAMPANOLOGY, with compositions based on bell-ringing and permutations:

Bells and Chimes and Chimes (made in May, 2006) (MP3, time: 7:53)
Tubercular Bells (made in July, 2006) (MP3, time: 2:54)

More info about these compositions ...

"Musics of Kind and Proper", a two volume CD-R with compositions and improvisations in various styles. No release date yet.

From other forthcoming collections of compositions:

Gratification (made in February, 2007) (MP3, time: 9:20)
La Pomme Cylindrique II (made in February, 2007) (MP3, time: 18:15)
Invocatio (made in February, 2007) (MP3, time: 20:57)
I'm Machine Machine Perhaps (made in June, 2006) (now the whole piece as MP3, time: 20:52)
Hornbass (piano, bass, horns) (made in May, 2006) (MP3, time: 2:21)
Alphabet Soup (made in August, 2006) (MP3, time: 4:15)
Thanks For the Wounds (made in September, 2006) (MP3, time: 6:27)
My Name is Karlheinz Stockhausen (made in August, 2006) (MP3, time: 6:03)
Arrival of Rats (made in August, 2006) (MP3, time: 6:46)
The Caressing Palace (made in July, 2006) (RealAudio, time: 8:10)
Down Current (made in July, 2006) (MP3, time: 6:37)
This Is Not a Pipe (made in September, 2006) (MP3, time: 3:16)
This Is Not a House (made in September, 2006) (MP3, time: 3:48)
Sonata Per Flauti e Basso Marocchino (made in July, 2006) (MP3, time: 11:50)
Algerian Nights (made in July, 2006) (MP3, time: 6:21)
Fragile Morning (Piano Diary No 1) (made in May, 2005/May, 2006) (MP3, time: 3:11)
Kind of Bluesy (piano/bass version) (NOT YET AVAILABLE) (made in XX, 2006) (MP3, time: XX)
Kind of Bluesy (sax quartet/quintet version) (NOT YET AVAILABLE) (made in XX, 2006) (MP3, time: XX)

More info about these compositions ...

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