Résumé, Karl-Erik Tallmo

 Writer, journalist, designer, born 1953 in the town of Karlskoga, Sweden, presently living in Stockholm, Sweden.
 Education: Studied Musicology at the University of Stockholm 1975-77, self-taught writer, journalist, photographer, graphic and Web designer.


(in reversed chronological order):

 1998: Writes appendix to the report from the governmental committee on reviewing the legislation regarding deposit of copies of publications at the Royal Library (”Översyn av lagen om pliktexemplar”). Selected as one of 50 international names to know within new media, compiled by The Online Journalism Review. Receives grant from the Foundation Culture of the Future for pursuing research about the dissemination of information and knowledge through history (”From Gorgias to Gore”).

 1997: Writes 23 page appendix for the report of the governmental “IT Committee on Sweden’s Cultural Network” (SOU 1997:14). Several articles in Swedish dailies about copyright, privacy vs. public access to official documents and the transparency within the EU in, for instance, “Dagens Nyheter”, “Expressen”, “Dagens IT” and “Resumé.” Lecture at the Royal Library in Stockholm, "The Electronic Word: An Epistemological Dilemma".

 1996: Numerous lectures, seminars and debates about the implications of information technology, esp. regarding the humanitites but also commercial life, advertising etc. Designing Web sites for e.g. the governmental “IT Committee on Sweden’s Cultural Network” and for NUTEK (Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development). Member of the reference group for the cultural heritage project at the Royal Library in Stockholm (Kulturarw3) aimed at preserving the electronic documents.

 1995: Founder of internationally acclaimed cultural multimedia magazine The Art Bin on the Internet's World Wide Web. Teaching Swedish and stylistics at the RMI Berghs commercial art school.

 1994: Speech about “The electronic age and archival preservation” at the opening ceremony of the new Gothenburg City Archives Headquarters. Programming of two Mac programs for Hypercard: “Low-budget Hyperbook Tool” and the hyper version of a Swedish humorous classic “En var sin egen professor” (“Every man his own professor”). Contributor of articles and columns about electronic publishing and multimedia for Swedish magazine “Resumé.”

 1993-94: Three extensive articles about electronic publishing and the libraries and archives of tomorrow: “The Electronic Age - on the Verge of Total Memory Loss?” published in Swedish daily “Svenska Dagbladet” and Danish daily “Politiken”.

 1993: Writing and production of Macintosh program “Ordmaskinen” (“The Word machine”), spelling training for school-children (grades 1-4).

 1992-94: Columns about typography and correct writing in Swedish Mac magazine “Svenska Macpressen.”

 1992-93: Graphic design of two books published by the Swedish Employers Association.

 1992: Publishes Swedens first hyperfiction novel on data disk, “Iakttagarens förmåga att ingripa” (“The Watchers Ability to Interfere,” Nisus Publishing, 1992). Publishes book about journalism and use and abuse in the Swedish language, “Orden och rubrikerna” (“Words and Headlines,” publ. Symposion, 1992). Also made the graphic design of the book.

 1991: Graphic design of booklet for the Swedish Committee for the UNCED Conference in Rio de Janeiro.

 1990: Publishes book of prose (in Swedish): “En fingerborg fylld av säsongens regn” (“A Thimble of Annual Rain,” publ. Symposion, 1990).

 1989: Extensive essay on the collected works of Danish poet Jens-August Schade (100 pages), published in the book format magazine Fenix volume 3/89. Writing and production of Mac and PC program “Skriv rätt,” a writing guide for the Swedish language. Founds the private firm “Nisus Publishing.”

 1988: “Marathons Buck”, a pastiche of Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake” and a tribute to comic strip hero Buck Rogers published (in English) in the book format magazine “Res Publica” volume 11. Extensive article in “Svenska Dagbladet” about Austrian author Peter Handke and his works.

 1983-93: Employed at Swedens second largest morning daily “Svenska Dagbladet”; from ’89 at the editorial department.

 1982: Member of the James Joyce Society of Sweden and Finland. Report for the Swedish Radio about the Bloomsday festivities in Dublin (in June) and the centenary of the birth of James Joyce.

 1981: Extensive essay about American writer and critic Susan Sontag, based on an interview with her, published in the book format magazine “Fenix” volume 2/81.

 1980-82: Music criticism in Scandinavias largest daily “Expressen”, articles about early music, contemporary music (esp. minimal and ethnic music). Interview with Moondog (Louis Hardin). Extensive article on the “I Ching” and different translations of it.

 1979-80: Music criticism in Swedish daily “Aftonbladet”, e.g. reports from the Oriental Music Festival at Durham, England, August 1979.

 1979: One hour radio show on channel 3 of the Swedish Radio: “Music for me” about hybrid music, the mix of popular western music and ethnic music from different cultures. Extensive essay and interview with American artist Edward Kienholz, then living in West-Berlin, published in the book format magazine “Fenix” volume 4/79.

 1978-82:: Regular contributions of record reviews in Swedish monthly “Hifi & Musik.”

 1978: Composes minimal music piece “La Pomme Cylindrique” at the Electronic Music Studio (EMS) in Stockholm.

 1977-79: Writings for the independent magazine “ETC” about music and film.

 1977-81: Co-owner of “Lester Records”, importing firm and record shop, providing rare records, esp. jazz and ethnic music.

 1976: Report for Finnish magazine “Musa” and Swedish magazine “Tonfallet” from the Moers Free Jazz Festival in Germany. Member of the Swedish Society for Stereoscopic Photography. Liner photography for Swedish free jazz group “Iskra’s” debut album.

 1975: Liner photography for Swedish folk jazz group “Vargavinter’s” debut album.

 1971:Member of the experimental group for live electronic music “Garbo Mobile.”

 1970: Exhibits the sculptural poem “Nine Jars” at the Spring Salon at the Karlskoga Art Show.

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