I must sing, even though I don't want to. — K.E. Tallmo, I and I, 2003.             


KARL-ERIK TALLMO, Swedish writer, artist, lecturer and publisher of the cultural web magazine The Art Bin. Tallmo was born in 1953 and has written six books, including Sweden's first hypertext novel (1992). He started writing concrete poetry in the 60's while still in high school. His debut as an artist took place at an exhibition in Karlskoga, Sweden, in 1970, with among other pieces a poem in the form of nine glass jars. In the 70's, influenced by musical minimalists such as Terry Riley and Steve Reich, he started to write text permutations and texts that gradually change through repetitive patterns etc. He has also been writing articles and criticism in newspapers and magazines for thirty years. During the 1990's he participated as an expert in governmental investigations on new media in Sweden, and he was also a member of several advisory boards, e.g. at the Royal Library and at the Swedish Research Council.

Tallmo also runs the web sites copyrighthistory.com and veckanskulturklipp.se.

Contact through e-mail.