I and I



I went to bed early yesterday evening. I hope more people will be admitted. I will investigate this matter. I believe it is transitory. I have tried. I can understand why he did it. I have never witnessed that kind of joy. I must sing, even though I don't want to. I wouldn't say he's wrong. I only took a very idle interest in them. I won't dwell on the procedure itself. I doubt Hollywood. I am ten years too old. I use it almost every day. I wrote an article. I know, because I was there. I was surprised. I continued pondering. I don't feel guilty. I am Karl-Erik Tallmo. I have seen it in operation. I remember myself. I am suffering through the very last hour. I have not been able to trace its origin. I saw the possibility of infatuation. I am standing here outside. I remember the woman most clearly. I have met many adults. I managed to appease her. I had to sit there until she had fallen asleep. I may have interpreted the description wrongly. I have no conviction. I could never have imagined what was going on. I talked to him in person. I didn't like the idea. I was still permitted to walk out onto the lawn. I am accustomed to react fast. I am very disappointed. I'd be happy if it was over. I am, of course, making assumptions all the time. I don't mean this as bad as it sounds. I almost thought so. I just purchased one. I am rather of the opposite understanding. I think it's just swell. I have seen papers dealing with male equivalents. I am ashamed but grateful. I can't decide whether I love or hate the USA. I guess, the name will be changed further on. I could never figure out the order in which they sit. I didn't know anything. I remember this from the early days of television. I believe we are facing a struggle, or at least a future break. I have been thinking about how one might write a book. I don't remember what I was aiming at. I think, that if one is to make some money in this business, it doesn't hurt to rise a bit above unabashed greed. I simply must get well. I will be the first one to speak, together with Karen. I think I am actually developing a cold. I am, in principle, for equality between men and women. I can to some extent understand that people think that one is taking advantage. I am paralyzed by all the possibilities. I think we are now experiencing the cessation of a comparatively short period of time. I wouldn't deprive them of their illusions. I believe this could be devastating. I recommend very broad solutions. I remember my first cell phone. I am constipated. I think it is a highly open question which one of these forces that will prevail. I don't think an individual who has lost an arm or a leg is still the same person. I used the wrong word, I used the wrong word!



[February 2003]

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