The Personal Text Miner (6)

Image 6: Through advanced parsing techniques, the text can by analyzed in many ways. This is controlled with the Analysis menu. Combine the parsing with semiotic dictionaries, and you might study the symbolism of the text. You can also check the logic, how presumptions, arguments, and conclusions cohere. Just feed the Text Miner with your newpaper's latest editorial column and check the validity of its line of reasoning.

Of course, you can also look at the narrative scheme, if there is any, check for ideoligical bias, or view the pattern on the philosophical ideas palette. "Transparency" analyzes the complexity of syntax and difficult words as well as the content itself, based upon your earlier understanding of other texts. "Focus" indexes the level of digression.

The "Wittgenstein filter" at the bottom is, of course, in the jocular vein, but the idea here is that it could be possible to filter one text through another one, based upon previous analyses of them. You could create a profile for each text with parameters dealing with style, ideas etc. Then one might be able to filter McLuhan through Wittgenstein, or, why not Plato through Neil Postman and see what the Greek philosopher could have said about television?

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