The Personal Text Miner (5)

Image 5:  ... where another reader's idiosyncratic reading is marked in blue. This kind of visualized mental readings can be a thousand times more advanced. The parameters are controlled with commands and settings from the Readings menu. One individual's associations, annotations, or oral commentary could be symbolized with lots of colors. The interpretational patterns of other readers could be made accessible in a multitude of layers in the text. These layers, their visibility and their different degrees of accessibility and authority, are handled through the Palimpsest menu.

Of course, this mess of texts must be controlled somewhere. Special servers, like domain name servers, keep track of the update history of each document. You can choose whether you want to read all kinds of commentary or, for instance, only by peers chosen by the author. At any instant you may click the Source button at the bottom, to return to the purity of the original text. This idea is very much similar to Ted Nelson's docuverse concept.

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