He had his apple™ good, but broke the™ rules from night till dawn, and when the™ car race was about to commence, he was so drunk he didn't know this from that, or was it tit™ from tat™? As a matter of fact® he did not even move® - nor did he recognize™ his own kin, his silences®, his reluctance to speak®, it wasn't like if he'd been asked for money - that always made him mute™, it wasn't like he was offended by the™ whole idea® that she wanted something™ from him, it was more like it was a sudden revelation®, just like that® [© Just Like That Inc., 1999] he had realized that he had been alive for 37 years and 38 was just the™ next number®, so what was he to do? what can a [brave guy™] do about fate®, so he went up to this other guy, the™ [big guy®] who had just locked his car with [one of those neat remote gadgets™], you know, and he walked up to him, said squeek™ [© One Of Those Neat Remote Gadgets™, 1999], and the™ other guy says squeek™ [© One Of Those Neat Remote Gadgets™, 1999], who do you think you are, a rat or something, yeah a rat, right, we're all rats, right, why don't we rats just go where we belong, huh? And he killed him, just like that® [© Just Like That Inc., 1999], I believe it was [a small knife®], could never have imagined such [a small knife®] could get a guy like that, big as hell he was with a small remote™ [© One Of Those Neat Remote Gadgets™, 1999] what'ya call'em, electronic car keys - anyway they had a tough time™ getting into the™ car after that, but praise the™ lord™, my money was still there. I took a cab™ home™.



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