History Generic (1998) People spoke. A bunch of years passed. And then there was somebody who was eating. In one particular place, there was light, probably in a window. And approximately at that time, several people were killed in traffic accidents. - That's the silliest thing I've ever heard, said a character with a beard in a store. Then, things turned out like they always do. The sky was blue, then for some time it was practically black. On the roads, cars speeded away from clouds of dust, as if they were dangerous. Slowly, actually very very slowly, the statues got verdigrised, and little by little, people obtained glasses, one by one. Suddenly, there was somebody who got angry, a woman this time, which probably was only fair. Imagine how much time that had passed. And most of them did have clothes on, some had earrings, although somebody had lost one, since one lay there, glittering in the gutter. Yet, leather was a material in rather frequent use. Such a bloody huge amount of numbers, after all. [981205]

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