Do you appreciate good literature?



If you are the type of person that appreciates good literature, written by talented writers, then you are going to love this!!!

This letter was sent to inform you of an extraordinary writer / publisher that has just released his first solo novel. And when I say solo, I mean SOLO!! This author is doing something that has never been even attempted by any other author in the history of literature, itself!!!!

KWP is a self taught writer who can write just about anything that he puts his mind to!! In this novel, you will find that not only did he write all the chapters, but he also depicts all the characters, and phrases all the dialog,..... including stream of conciousness in the background!!!!

Sorrow, Laughter, Suspense, Sex, Mysteries, etc... If it's in the book, he did it!!!! As if that weren't enough, he actually designed and published the entire book, himself!!!

The book is titled "Reveries", and I promise you that this volume will be like no other that you have ever owned! The chapters in this book range from light reading, to soft erotica, to hardboiled, to rural, to beatnick and even soft love songs (ode, serenade)!!!

Just amaze yourself and read on!!!




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