Karl-Erik Tallmo,
writer, artist

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Computer images

 My aunt May II
 My Uncle is a Skyscraper
 Smile I
 Smile II
 Give it a last shot II
 Give it a last shot IV
 A swim at Capri I
 A swim at Capri II
 La Robe Verte
 Fanny I
 Hitting the five o'clock news
 Mrs Mumbles II
 Mrs Mumbles III
 The Sweetest Thing I
 The Sweetest Thing V
 The Sweetest Thing VI
 The Union Flag
 Belùh ë Agoulén II
 Tree by the Sea
 Department Store
 Airport Cafeteria
 Wordprocessing in the year 2500
 Joyce series 27
 Joyce series 28
 Joyce series 29
 Joyce series 31
 Joyce series 33
 Nancy I
 Nancy II
 When some learn
 The gay twenties I
 The gay twenties II
 One glamorous year
 The Tracy blanket
 The Tracy tablecloth
 Faced with crime