The Personal Text Miner (3)

Image 3: This is of course something of a joke, but we will probably see texts summed up to their essence in some fashion, as a suitable headline, accurate keywords, etc. This technique exists, although it is not functioning very well yet.

There is also another lever, one for expanding the text. This will be done by retrieving texts, or rather facts, from the Net, with the help of advanced metainformation attached to files, special servers for authorization and security together with AI techniques for linguistic processing. Your brief outline could be expanded into an essay of custom length.

The menus Intratext and Extratext deal with different factors regarding the text and its inner and outer relations respectively.

The Sound menu contains commands to control the text-to-speech utility as well as the speech-to-text utility. Rather soon we will be accustomed to a whole new communicative space where text is always potentially real-time sound, and speech is always potentially text produced in real-time - in whichever language you prefer. This can be used for instance at live performances on stage or in television - or in daily life at normal meetings person-to-person. Here the Translation menu provides further commands.

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